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Police clearance certificates (migration / citizenship purposes)

Police Clearance Certificates: 

Applicants seeking Police Clearance Certificates are requested to submit duly completed applications along with required original documents. Applications should be prepared in duplicate together with (2) photocopies of each original document. All original documents will be returned once they are perused and their authenticity is ascertained. 

Documents required for Police Clearance Certificates by Sri Lankans and Sri Lankan origin Canadians.

  • Duly Completed Application Form   [Form]
  • Sri Lankan Passport
  • Sri Lankan National Identity Card
  • Canadian Immigration Documents such as Permanent Resident Card/ Citizenship Card/ Refugee Document
  • Letter from the Citizenship & Immigration of Canada
  • Previous Police Clearance Report (If issued on an earlier occasion) 

Documents required by other Nationalities:

  • Duly Completed Application Form   [Form]
  • Passport
  • Canadian  Immigration  Document  such  as  Permanent  Resident  Card/ Citizenship Card/ Refugee Document
  • Letter from the Citizenship & Immigration of Canada or Letter for Green Card from US authorities/ Employment Letter
  • Previous Police Clearance Report ( If issued on an earlier occasion) 

Application Fee: CAD 36 (Cash or Money Order) 

An official receipt will be issued upon payment. The Money Order should be made in favour of the “Consulate General of Sri Lanka ”. Please note that personal cheques will not be accepted.
Applicants are requested to note that the Police Department requires approximately a 6 month period to issue the Police Clearance Certificate.

Contact Telephone Numbers of Sri Lanka Police:

Application Centre – 0112422994

OIC/Clearance Branch – 0112013071/0112013072/0112439185-88