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Website: "Adopt a Village Market"

In an effort to make it easier for the overseas Sri Lankan communities to fund micro-projects in rural communities in Sri Lanka, the Policy Development Office (PDO) of the Prime Minister’s Office is hosting a website to provide information on village-markets in need of essential infrastructure. This website can be accessed via and provides a mechanism to link those who want to help develop Sri Lanka directly with village markets in need of essential infrastructure, especially in rural communities around the island.

Currently, information on the village-fairs of ten Districts is available on the website. The needs of individual village-markets are listed. Village-markets that receive funds are obligated to follow up on the progress of each micro-project. Photographs of the completed micro-project will be uploaded to the website to maximize transparency.

Please find below detailed information on this initiative in Sinhala, Tamil and English.

For feedback, questions and/or additional information, prospective donors may contact the PDO at the following:


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Information in Sinhala

Information in Tamil

Information in English