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Parliament approves PSC for a political solution

Parliament of Sri Lanka on November 23rd passed a motion to set up a Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) to formulate a political solution to the country's ethnic issue.

The parliament announced that a motion to appoint a Select Committee of Parliament to recommend and report on political and constitutional measures to empower the people of Sri Lanka to live as one nation was passed by the House.

The political parties in Parliament are requested to name their representatives to the PSC.

The committee is expected to suggest steps to enhance the unity of people in the country and empower them and the country to promote socio-economic, political and cultural development.

Under the motion approved, the PSC, which will have quasi-judicial powers, is to comprise 19 governing party members and 12 opposition members.

The 16 political parties in the ruling alliance will have a one representative and the largest constituent, Sri Lanka Freedom Party will have four representatives in the PSC.

The PSC is to recommend constitutional measures that need to address the grievances of the minorities and provide solutions for all people that will preserve and promote their respective identities and live with dignity and security as one nation, within six months.

The PSC is expected to work out a solution within the time frame with the input from all the political parties while the government continues to hold discussions with the Tamil National Alliance.

The government proposed the formation of the PSC stating that a unique opportunity has arisen for the people to unite and work together as one nation towards the economic, social and political development of the nation and its citizens.